Who We Are

Established in 1998, Cellpor Building Solutions
is one of the leading high-rise building solution providers in Pakistan. We employ innovative construction techniques and provide the most technologically advanced construction systems to meet all the requirements of a fast track construction plan. We are set apart for our state of the art solutions which are not only the highest quality but are also economical and time-saving. The world-renowned partners which Cellpor has fostered relationships with across 20 years of excellence in the industry include technology providers, manufacturers and suppliers of reliable and
efficient construction materials and solutions.


Our Philosophy

  • Resources are precious; efficiency is key.
    Since its inception, Cellpor has been a pioneer in the transfer of cutting-edge global technology to Pakistan. Always challenging and improving industry standards, Cellpor is at the forefront of providing innovative building solutions to Pakistan’s construction industry.


  • At Cellpor, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest safety standards at par with international construction safety norms. Under the most stringent scrutiny and supervision at construction sites, Cellpor employees have not had any accidents of any nature since its inception- a feat Cellpor resolves to protect over the coming years.
    Moreover, Cellpor offers its employees the best insurance policies to address any eventuality and to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. .