For many years the use of mechanical couplers to join reinforcing bars has been regarded as a means of reducing the use of long bars. Engineers and contractors now recognise the benefits of using couplers to accelerate the speed of construction, increase productivity and simplify design details.

Lapped joints are not always an appropriate means of connecting rebars. The use of Reinforcing Bar Couplers can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete structures and reduce the amount of reinforcement required.

Cellpor has always selected the best possible material for all construction solutions. In the case of couplers, Cellpor has selected the most reliable and economical coupler sleeves from CABR, China.


CABR supplies to 90% of the Chinese market including high-rise buildings, nuclear power plants and all challenging construction projects where credibility and integrity is considered of great importance.


CBS introduced CABR couplers in many projects in Pakistan including major projects like Bahria Icon Tower, the tallest 62-story building in Pakistan. The other major project which is using CABR couplers in Karachi is Fazaiya housing project, which is the largest single project in Pakistan.