Raised Floors

Raised floors have become a part of the standard fittings in 21st century commercial buildings. From effective cable management to under-the-floor hidden piping, raised floors offer a neat and elegant look- all the while allowing for easy access for maintenance purposes. With a vide variety of finishes to choose from, raised flooring with adjustable heights can be tailor-made to fit the precise requirements of a project, all the while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the interior design.

Cellpor offers the supply and installation of raised flooring and various types of modular floors. In association with The Lindner Group from Germany which is a multinational building solutions provider with over 50 years of expertise in the field, Cellpor is a regular importer, stockist and installer of such systems.

Raised and modular flooring systems have been successfully installed in the sixty-two story Bahria Icon Tower as well as K-Electric Grid Stations by Cellpor Building Solutions to the great satisfaction of the clients. Experts from Germany directly trained and functioned as consultants in the installation of the modular flooring systems in Pakistan. Clients can choose from a wide variety of raised floors, ranging from standard flooring to high-level fire rated floors.

False Ceiling

In the line of our products pertaining to finishing, false ceilings are the most highly used product in residential and commercial buildings alike. With advantages ranging from aesthetic appeal to cable and cooling system management, false ceiling solutions are standard in the 21st century. Cellpor provides high quality and cost-effective imported false ceiling systems. With a wide array of specifications ranging from fire retardation and moisture resistance to acoustic suppression, Cellpor provides the best solution present in the market at competitive prices.

Cellpor is the sole stockist and installer of Gyproc gypsum boards manufactured by Saint-Gobain as well as a wide range of false ceiling solutions, ensuring a complete system solution tailored to the client’s requirements.