Roof Garden

Architects all over the world as well as green-building enthusiasts are opting for creating roof gardens on top of houses, residential buildings and commercial structures. However, there are drawbacks regarding adequate watering of plants, high dead loads and waterproofing concerns.

Cellpor offers Green Roof Systems which address each of these concerns and presents the perfect solution to any roof garden requirement. Being the exclusive agent for Onduline, a company originating from France with factories in Turkey for supply to various regions of Asia, Cellpor offers Green Roof systems to effectively create roof gardens which are no different from conventional gardens made on the ground floor.

The green roof system by Onduline boasts water retention so water is conserved as well as waterproofing so the structural integrity of the roof is not compromised. The result is a light weight, beautiful garden landscape on a building roof without the need for additional structural reinforcements.