System Formwork

Improving upon existing construction techniques and practices, Cellpor offers pre-fabricated Modular Plastic Formwork panels built from reusable patented composite material. It is designed to resist high impact forces and is reusable a minimum of 200 times. Supplied to various projects across Pakistan, Cellpor’s formwork systems are recognized in the market as being one of the best and most cost-effective over a period of time. It is excellent for use by one-time users as well as by permanent civil works contractors.

Conventionally, plywood or steel planks are secured together prior to the pouring of concrete to form walls, ceilings and columns. This is not only time consuming but also results in a bad finish once the planks are dismantled. Cellpor’s imported formwork system ensures speedy construction and also results in a fair-face finish without needing further plastering. Since Cellpor’s formwork system is modular, it can be arranged and organized to suit the client’s requirements like a tailored fit, regardless of the actual magnitude of the project. Moreover, Cellpor designs placement of the formwork for its entire lifetime of use- free of cost.

Rental Formwork

Cellpor also offers its formwork system to be rented out to contractors for use on a project-basis or a fixed time-basis.