Where there is the need for structural integrity free from complications caused by water leakage/seepage, Cellpor offers top-of-the-line waterproofing solutions in various forms depending on the requirements of the project. From liquid membrane waterproofing to torch-applied bitumen membranes, Cellpor has applied and tested such waterproofing systems in various projects already. A few examples of prominent projects which have used Cellpor’s waterproofing solutions are the five towers at Emaar Crescent Bay, Ocean Mall, Indus Hospital, and Lucky One Mall, all backed up with a 10-year anti-leakage international warranty.

Cellpor uses only the most credible material in the industry for its waterproofing works. Imported from Turkey, both the liquid waterproofing membrane (from Emülzer) and torch-applied bitumen sheets (from Onduline) have been successfully used in projects suffering from high water tables and extreme salinity. Moreover, Cellpor also uses a liquid waterproofing membrane imported from Dubai (Duproof) which is available in ready stock as well as with quick importation and delivery for large projects.